Production – Creative with High production value is the foundation of Production Outfitters.

Editing & Duplication – When fast turn-around is what you need.

Rentals – If you forget it, don't want to carry it or the airlines lose it, we'll Outfit you.

Crew – Performing under heavy pressure, tight budgets and unrealistic deadlines, regularly.

Studio Rentals – Hassle free Studio Rentals

Drone – Section 107 & 333 Compliant.

Production Outfitters' hard-working crew always get the job done right, and in budget. We've worked with them for years. They know the technology, and embrace it fully – staying up-to-date and ahead of the game. I've worked with them on commercial and industrial jobs for many years. The are indeed the best! 

– by Wayne Scheiner , 12/23/2016