Testimonial 9

We could not have had a better, more professional or more supportive experience than we had with Gary, Glenn, Zach and Cindy at Production Outfitters. They turned our music video into an incredible piece of sound and visual artistry. We will forever be grateful. Reviva Band.

-John Brennan


New Socanland LED Panels



We now have one of the latest versions of the Socanland LED panel lights and are enjoying all the features it gives. The NOVA-CTD Bi-Color 100W 12"x12" light panel is rugged and light, plus with both Anton Bauer Gold Mount mobile power and DC 14.8v (w/ attachable gold mount holder) this light is versatile and useful for many applications over long periods of time.


It also features 2 on-board dimmers: one for dialing in the color temperature and the other for dimming purposes, both with a digital read out display so you can match settings in a snap. With the detachable barndoors and a diffusion slot, you can alter your light's throw quick and smooth without dealing with any fall-off discrepancies that other brands offer.


We're excited to see the many ways in which this light will become a useful tool to help us create a great looking picture!

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New Mexico's Outright Production Source

For over 20 years Networks, Cable Programs, Producers, Directors, Marketing Executives and Top Crewing Agencies have put the success of their productions in the hands of Production Outfitters.

Including Film and Broadcast, Union & Non-Union, the Outlaws perform under heavy pressure, tight budgets and meet deadlines regularly.

Did you dream in 4K last night? Book us with our Sony internal 4K camera packages and our PL & EF mount lenses. 

If fast turn-around is what you need, the OutPost will edit, Up-convert, Down-convert, Cross-convert, Transfer, Color Grade, Sound Sweeten, Master to Blu-ray, Duplicate, and Print & Ship your next project.

We love Multi-camera shoots! Whether for Live Broadcast, Live to Tape, IMAG or Corporate. See us in action with our Panasonic 400n Multi-input, Multi-format HDSDI Switcher, in a Flypack, complete with Live Streaming, Tricaster Virtual Sets, Sony 1/2", 2/3" and/or 35mm Cameras w/ CCUs, Tallys & Clearcoms.

Don't sleep perchance to dream, in 3D!. We shoot artistic and scientific 3D images with our gear and edit them in our stereographic suite.  Need us to shoot into a mirror of an event that happens in the blink-of-an-eye from 35 ft away behind safety glass at 7,000 FPS in 3D? We can do it!

Out-of-Towners don't worry. If you forget it, don't want to carry it or the airlines lose it, we can Outfit it. 

Our Drone has been busy flying in the New Mexico sky, click here to watch.