About Us


About_UsSince 1993  Networks, Cable Programs, Producers, Directors, Marketing Executives and Top Crewing Agencies have put the success of their projects in the hands of Production Outfitters.

We offer full High Definition thru 4K video services and smaller cameras and formats to fit any budget. Whether we are shooting the whole project or just a segment from spots to docs, TV interviews & b-roll, multi-cams, feature film inserts, EPKs, promos or marketing videos we bring a level of production and etiquette that will spoil you.

Our highly experienced staff shoots with the multitude of camera formats available. Clients primarily request our Sony FS7 Mark II or our Sony F800, however, we have an arsenal of MiniDV and HDV cameras like the Sony-PMW-EX3. Panasonic DVX-100a, SDX, HDX and X900 cameras are available and round out the top requests for production cameras.

Confused about which camera is right for you? We will strategize with you to make sure your message is communicated effectively and is produced in a medium that is compatible with your projects delivery requirements and budget.