Blaise Koller

As a teenager, Blaise got his start in theatre lighting. Blaise brings 20 years of production and broadcast TV experience. He has valuable knowledge and skills in a variety of areas. From Director of Photography to LIVE TV directing, multi-cam LIVE streaming and producing. When he is not out shooting. he is a pro editor efficient on many multiple editing platforms.

Blaise has produced, directed, and shot videos, interviews, and b-roll clips that have won Telly's and Rocky Mountain Emmy awards.

Blaise's positive attitude and passion for video has helped him develop his hard work ethic which makes him easy to work with and helps make the production go smooth.

Blaise brings with him his bag of tricks to every shoot which has proven to get you out of a sticky situation. His background in News and Production gives you a sense of feeling at ease while maintaining a desired look and production value.

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