David Renner

Sound Mixer

David has worked in radio, film, and broadcast television both nationally and internationally since 1986. He has worked on live productions, in the studio and in remote locations. His specialty as a television documentary sound mixer is enhanced by his love for the outdoors and the challenges that are presented. Whether it is shooting on a 14,000 foot peak in howling winds or 300 feet below ground in a damp cave David brings more than enough experience and tools for the trade to get the job done quickly and efficiently. His technical ability and amiable personality make him a terrific asset to any crew.


"Monster Machines"
The Learning Channel

"Show Low Arizona Fires"
NBC News Channel

"NBC News Channel"

"Money Talk, Bob Brinker"

"Eco-Challenge Adventure Race, Fiji"
USA Network

"Bomb Demo Feature"
America’s Most Wanted

"World’s Scariest Places, Dorsey Mansion"

"CNN Feature Story, Alcoholism"
CNN World News

"National Parks Spots, Chaco Canyon”
Discovery TV

"Deborah Gibson Story"
Inside Edition

"Eco-Challenge Adventure Race, New Zealand"
USA Network

"Underwater Diving Dog"
Ripley’s Believe it or Not

"Future of the Moon"
ABC News Discovery

"Waste Isolation Pilot Plant"
CNN Moneyline

"Bill Richardson"
NBC Nightly News/Today Show

"Sea Stories (Cuba)"
National Geographic Television

Independent Film

"The Daily Show"
Comedy Central

"The Anasazi"
History Channel

"The New Detectives"
Arts and Entertainment

"Photography Series"
ABC Good Morning America

"Food Suits"
NBC Nightly News

"Kentucky Host Wraps"
National Geographic Explorer

"Roswell UFO Business"
Inside Edition

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