Performing under heavy pressure, tight budgets and unrealistic deadlines, regularly.

With over 100 years of combined experience Production Outfitters has had, and continues to have, its fingerprints on high profile productions ranging from Live Sports & Entertainment to Commercials, Feature Films, TV Movies/Series, Documentaries, Corporate Communication, Marketing, Movie EPKs, Reality and News Magazine shooting.

Book Production Outfitters either as a Production Company to turn key your shoot or individually for a well experienced crew member.

Production Coordinator

Nicole Marsh
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Directors, Directors of Photography, Camera Operators

Gary Marsh, DP, ICG-600
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Glenn Graham
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Blaise Koller
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Producers, Directors 

Glenn Graham
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Charlie O'Dowd
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Zach Armstrong
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Allan Crawford
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David Renner
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Post Production & Graphics

Zach Armstrong
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