I’ve had the good fortune of working with Gary Marsh and Production Outfitters on several occasions. They are my go-to team in New Mexico and have contributed mightily to our BTS efforts on location. Gary and his team of camera and audio techs are superb, easy to work with, collaborative, and know how to handle a fluid situation. More, they are just great people with whom to spend a long day.

– Monkey Deux, Inc./Dinsey “Flamin’ Hot”

I was referred to Production Outfitters when we needed to crew a 3-month BTS/EPK shoot in Albuquerque and I could not be happier with the experience. Gary, Blaise, and the rest of their team are exceptional at what they do. Not only are they extremely knowledgable about every technical aspect of a fast changing industry, they’re also artistic collaborators in the field and have a keen sense of creative problem solving. Everyone there is easy to work with….thoughtful, friendly, and funny. There is no where else to look for a professional production team in Albuquerque.

– Matt Eppedio at Snowgoat Productions/ Netflix “Chupa”

Gary & Cindy are always very responsive to our requests. Great working with them!

-The Crew Company


We could not have had a better, more professional or more supportive experience than we had with Gary, Glenn, Zach and Cindy at Production Outfitters. They turned our music video into an incredible piece of sound and visual artistry. We will forever be grateful. Reviva Band.

-John Brennan



Excellent company to work with! They took drawings and an unfinished idea and built it into a great video. Great experience.

– DeAnn O’Connor, DSO Creative


They did great! We challenged them with producing a 3D balloon ride video and they pulled it off spectacularly. Can't wait to work with them on a new project.

– by Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum


Thank you all so much for your hard work on the Route 66 shoot. The client and agency are very happy!

– by Magnum Integrated Marketing