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Camera Accessories

Tripods & Heads
Camera Kinetics Monitors
Video Recorders/Players

Audio Accessories
Production Communication
Multi-cam Fly Packs  
Portable Flypacks
Terminal Equipment  
Terminal Support
Audio Visual Presentation

Power Supply
Lighting, Grip & Backdrops
Crew & Equipment Well-Being
Glossary of Terms
Terms & Insurance Checklist


High Definition Camcorders

Sony PXW-FX9 XDCAM 6k Full-Frame Camera

Sony XDCA – FX9 4k Raw Extension Unit

Sony PXW-FS7 II XDCAM Camcorder 4k Super 35

Sony XDCA – FS7 4k Raw Extension Unit

Sony FX6 Full- Frame Cinema Camera

Sony FX3 Full-Frame Cinema Camera

Exmor CMOS sensor with 28-135mm f4 Lens

Canon EOS C300 Mark III w/EU-V2 Expansion Unit


Sony FE 16-35  f2.8 MM G Master II $65/day
More PL Cine lenses click here
Red Epic 6K Dragon
Sony-PDW-F800 HD XDCAM Camcorder $800.00
Sony-PMW-EX3 HD XDCAM Camcorder Includes 1 16Gb Media Card $350.00
Each 64 GB SxS Card $64.00
Panasonic-AG-HPX300 HD P2 Camcorder w/HD Color Viewfinder, Fujinon 17×4.5 Lens  w/o Cards $300.00
Each 32 GB P2 Card $50.00
Sony-HVR-Z7U HDV Camcorder w/ Carl Zeiss 12×4.4 Interchangeable Lens & Setup Card $300.00

DSLR Cameras

Canon C500 MKII EF Version $500.00
Canon C500 MKII PL Version $550.00
Sony a7 III DSLR Camera Body w/ NP-FW50 W series batteries and charger (refer to Lenses section for single and package rentals) $150.00
Sony a7R DSLR Camera Body w/ NP-FW50 W series batteries and charger (refer to Lenses section for single and package rentals) $150.00
Black Magic BMPCC 6K Pocket Cinema Camera Uses C-Fast 2.0 media card or SD card. Includes 4-Batteries, 1-Charger, 1-A/C Power $125.00
Sony XLR-K2M Adapter Kit  XLR-A2M Hotshoe adapter and Sony ECM-XM1 Shotgun Microphone w/ windscreen. $40.00
Sony CLM-FHD5 Clip on HDMI 5″ Monitor w/ 1′ HDMI to mini & 1′ HDMI to micro, 1/4-20 Hotshoe Adapter, Sun Hood, M Series Battery w/ W-Series battery adapter. $40.00

3D Cameras

Panasonic AG-3DA1 3D Camcorder 1080/60i, 50i, 30p, 25p and 24p (native) and 720/60p and 50p in AVCHD. Dual HD-SDI out, HDMI (v1.4), XLR input, built-in stereo mic, twin-lens remotes. $650.00
3D Beam-Splitter Highly adjustable, easy-to-use and lightwieght For use with most Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Red and JVC camcorders $600.00
Convergent Design nanoFLASH Recorder $125.00
Convergent Design nanoFLASH 3D Dual Recorder Kit $250.00
Stereographic Director of Photography Consultant Services $75.00/hr overtime $112.50/hr
Stereographic Digital Technician Consultant Services $70.00/hr overtime $105.00/hr

Standard Definition Camcorders

Sony PVW-D30 or D30WS Betacam SP Camcorder w/ PVV-3 Beta SP Recorder & Fujinon 15×8 lens w/2x’s $500.00
w/ DSR-1 DVCAM Recorder & Fujinon 15×8 lens w/2x’s w/ PVV-3 Beta SP Recorder & Fujinon 15×8 lens w/2x’s $500.00
Panasonic AG-DVX100a 24p Mini-DV Camera $175.00
Panasonic PV-GS250 3CCD MiniDV  Camcorder 16:9, 4:3 or Anamorphic.  2x & Wide Angle Lens available $80.00
Sony CCD-TRV99 High 8 XR Camera w/Timecode.  2x & Wide Angle Lens available $40.00

Camera Heads

Sony DXC-D30WS Camera Head $350.00
Sony DXC-D30 Camera Head $350.00
Sony DXC-637 Camera Head $300.00

Miniature Camera Systems

GoPro Hero HD Professional Quality 1080p/960p/720p HD. Hero2, Hero3+ Black, and Hero6 available. 3D options available. Record up to 2.5 hours on a single charge and up to 9 hours on a 32 GB card. Call for accessories/mounting kit $50.00
Sony XC-999 CCD Color Cigar Camera w/3.5mm Lens w/composite or S-Video cabling, two NP-1 Style batteries. 3lbs w/battery $200.00
Spy Camera Set Three PDVR1000s: DVR with state-of-the-art H.264 compression. Includes Sony ExView Hi Res 410K color (450 LOR) CCD button camera set with WAV Audio Format, Hi Res 720 X 480 @ 30fps Video, 16Gb Micro SD Card. Four Pen Cams. One Key Chain Camera. $500.00

Camera Lights

Anton Bauer 20w Ultralight 2 $15.00
Chimera for Anton Bauer Ultralight $10.00
Sony HVL-20DW2 (1 or 2 bulb operation) $15.00
IDX X3-Lite LED Daylight w/ Onboard Dimmer $15.00

Camera Accessories

BNC Cabling .15/foot
Script Linq wireless timecode clipboard $35.00
Sony DXF-51 Studio Viewfinder For DXC Series Cameras $60.00
Sony DXF-50 Studio Viewfinder For DXC Series Cameras $50.00
Servo Zoom Control Canon or Fujinon $50.00
Focus Control Kit $45.00
Studio Buildup Kit Kit Includes: Studio Viewfinder, Servo Zoom and Focus Controls $125.00
Sony RMM-7G CCU / Paintbox for DXC Series Cameras includes 75’ of cabling $65.00
Slate dry erase marker $7.50
Sony VA-500 Playback Adaptor $30.00


35mm PL mount Film Lenses


Zeiss Super Speed

Zeiss Super Speed Mark III



Price Sheet

Price Sheet

Click on the link for a complete price list.  Or contact us for more information.

DSLR De-Clicked Full Frame Lenses

Canon L II f2.8 Zoom Lens Package

1- 16-35mm,  1- 24-70mm,  1- 70-200mm

Sony G Master Prime Lens Bundle 

Includes: 35mm, 50mm, 85mm

Covers Full Frame Sensors, 11 Blade Iris, AF/MF Switch, Dust & Moisture Resistant

Sony G Master Zoom Lens Bundle

FE 16-35mm f/2.8, FE 24-70mm f/2.8, FE 70-200mm


$360.00/day for set

$60.00/day per lens

Minolta Prime Lens Package

1- 28mm f2.5,  1- 35mm f2.8,  1- 55mm f1.4,  1- 135mm f2.8,  1- 200mm f4

Zeiss 35mm Prime Lens Package (Canon & Sony E mount adapters)

1- 35mm f1.4 Distagon MMJ,  1- 50mm f1.4 Planar MMJ,  1- 85mm f1.4 Planar MMJ


Video Lenses – 2/3″ Bayonet Mount

Canon 16×8 HDxs 16×8 Internal Focus Lens w/2x Extender 2/3” B4 mount $200.00
Fujiinon BDEVM 4.8 X10 Wide Angle with Doubler 2/3” B4 mount $150.00
Fujinon 15×8 Internal Focus Lens w/2x Extender 2/3” B4 mount $150.00
Canon 8×6 Wide Angle Lens Internal Focus w/2x 2/3” B4 mount $150.00
Fujinon or Century Optics MK II .8X Wide Angle Converter Zoom through wide angle attachment for 75-85mm Outside Diameter Lenses $50.00
2X’s Extender or Wide Angle Zoom Through for Panasonic PV-GS250 $10.00

Matte Box & Filters

Mattebox Chrosziel or Tiffen Clip on 2-Stage 4×4 w/French Flag, 75-100 mm for internal focus lenses $40.00
Mattebox Cavision Bellows Style 2-Stage w/support rods $40.00
4×4 Filters Polarizer, ND3 & ND6 Half Soft Grad, Soft FX1, Promist 1, Promist _ Black, 812 Warm Up, Sepia 1, Coral _, Coral 2 Soft Grad, Sunset 3, $6.00 each
4 point Star, Polarizing or UV Filter 82mm screw on 2-Stage 4×4 w/French Flag, 75-100 mm for internal focus lenses $6.00 each


Teleprompters with 15″ LCD Screens. Works anywhere in the world. Industry standard prompting software w/ Pentium III Laptop PC and signal distribution kit.
With Operator – Camera Configuration: can power w/batteries. Call for Quote
With Operator – Double or Single Podium Configuration Call for Quote
Either Configuration without Operator Call for Quote
Interrotron Call for Quote

Tripods & Heads

OConnor 2575D Mitchell Base. OConnor Plate or Arriflex Dovetail Plate. (upgraded from B to D) $100.00
Sachtler 18p Fluid Head 7+7 Drag, 5 stage counter balance, 100mm w/ Sachtler Carbon Fiber 2 Stage Tripod & Floor or Mid Spreader. Supports 42lbs $150.00
Sachtler 20 II Fluid Head 7+7 Drag, 100mm w/ Single Stage AluminumTripod & Floor Spreader. Supports 46lbs $90.00
Sachtler 18 II Fluid Head 7+7 Drag, 2 stage counter balance, 100mm w/ Sachtler Hot Pod Tripod. Supports 42lbs $90.00
Sachtler DV 12 Fluid Head 5+5 Drag, 5 stage counter balance, 100mm w/ Sachtler 2 Stage. Supports 30lbs $75.00
CSI ENG 30 Fluid fully adjustable drag & counter balance, 100mm w/2 Stage Aluminum Tripod & Floor Spreader. Supports 42lbs $90.00
Cartoni HiDV 1207 Head for HDC & MINI DV Cameras, 75mm w/ Sachtler 2 Stage Aluminum Tripod & Floor Spreader. Supports 11lbs $50.00
Fluid Heads only or Tripods only $1/2 off
High Hat 100mm $15.00
Spider Pod 24″ Portable Camera Riser $75.00
Tripod Wheels $20.00
             Manfrotto XPRO Aluminum Video Monopod                 $20.00

Manfrotto Element MII Monopod Fluid Pan


Camera Kinetics

Dana Dolly 5ft or 8ft Track with Camera Trolley  Includes (2) mini Junior stands $100.00
Easy-Rig Cinema 3 400N 17-22 lbs. load capacity. Includes Easyrig Cinema 3 400N Stabilizing Camera Support, Support Arm, Lockable Camera Hook, Vest, Hip Belt, Shock Absorber, Transport Bag

Easy-Rig Cinema 3 500N – standard top bar & quick release. Uses suspension line to support a rig weighing 24-28 lbs. Take the load off your back and shoulders!

Sixteen Foot EZ Effects Jib with Remote Head Can hold teleprompter with camera up to 15lbs. $700.00
Eazy-Jib 2.5ft to 5.5ft Arm for 100mm Tripod Bowl Requires 100mm tripod & pan/tilt head, weighs 31 lbs, max payload 40 lbs, max tilt span 6.5ft. With jib fully extended counter weight is 1½x’s camera & pan head weight. Weights included. $250.00
Tripod w/Eazy-Jib $30.00
Tripod & Fluid Head w/Eazy-Jib $75.00
Glidecam 2000 Pro cameras up to 6 lbs $40.00
Tripod Wheels $20.00
                Ronin – M  3 axis handheld gimble                                                                       $50.00

DJI RS 3 Pro Gimbal   – $60.00



High Def Portable & Table Top Video / Computer Monitors

Sony Bravia 42” LCD HD 1080p Monitor / Tuner $175.00
Insignia 22’ LED HD 1080p Monitor / Tuner

Panasonic 26″ LCD Monitor



Viewsonic 19” LCD HD Monitor / Tuner $50.00
Above monitors Inputs: HDMI, Anlg/Digi Component, Composite, VGA, RF

Professional Broadcast & Production HD Monitors – Multi-format, Multiple Inputs/Outputs

Sony 17” BVM–F170 Portable OLED HD SDI/HDMI Field Monitor BKM-16R Control Unit w/ BKM-250TG 3G/HD/SD-SDI Input Adaptor $225.00
Sony 17” PVM-1741 Portable OLED HD SDI/HDMI Field Monitor Supports DC Power via 4 Pin. Composite, HD SDI/SDI & HDMI.

Panasonic 17” BT-LH1700 Portable HD SDI Field Monitor w/ built in Waveform & Porta Brace Case. Supports DC Power via 4 Pin


Teradek Bolt 500 Transmitter &Receiver/Monitor SmallHD Daylight Viewable 7″ Monitor w/ Bolt 500 Receiver and Bolt 500 XT 3G-SDI/HDMI Wireless Transmitter $150.00
Atomos Shogun 4K HDMI/SDI Video Monitor/Recorder includes 2 piece sun shade, Shoe Mount to 1/4-20, 4 batteries, D Tap, AC power, 240g & 256g SSD Drives w/ Master Caddy, 2 empty Master Caddys for additional hard drives, & misc. adapter cables. $125.00
Sony 8” PVM-740 Portable OLED HD SDI/HDMI Field Monitor w/ built in Waveform & Porta Brace Case. Supports DC Power via 4 Pin, NP1’s, Bricks or V Mount. Composite, HD SDI/SDI/3G SDI & HDMI. $150.00
Sony 8” LMD-9050 Portable HD SDI Field Monitor w/ AC Power Supply & Porta Brace Case. Supports NP1’s, Bricks or V Mount $100.00

SD Portable & Hand Held Video Monitors

Sony PVN-1U 14” Production Monitor 2 Input BNC composite & RCA Audio $65.00
Sony PVM-8044Q 8” High Res NTSC/Pal/Secam Monitor 2 Input/450 Lines/AC/DC/4:3/16:9/RGB/component/S-Video/Composite Inputs/Output/18 lbs $60.00
Sony PVM-8042Q 8” NTSC/Pal/Secam Field Monitor 2 Input/250 Lines/AC/DC/4:3/16:9/RGB/component/S-Video/Composite Inputs/Outputs/18 lbs $50.00
Sony PVM-8041Q 8” NTSC Field Monitor 2 Input/AC/DC/4:3/16:9/Composite Inputs/Outputs/15 lbs $40.00
Marshall 4” LCD Pro Camera Mountable/2 BNC Input/Output/NTSC/PAL/2 12v batts/chargers $15.00
Sony DSR-V10 Clamshell Portable MINI DV Recorder w/built in 5.5” LCD monitor, AC power, two 7 hour batteries & charger. 2.5lbs w/tape & battery $150.00
Sony PVM-411 4×4” Black/White Monitor $50.00

Video Players & Recorders

High Definition

Sony HDW-1800 HDCAM Studio Editor, Player / RecorderToo many frame rates, pull downs & features to list $650.00
Sony HDW-HD1500 XDCAM Dual Layer Disk Player / Recorder $500.00
Convergent Design nanoFLASH Recorder $250.00
Convergent Design nanoFLASH 3D Dual Recorder Kit $500.00

Betacam SP

Sony PVW 2800 Betacam SP Player/Recorder w/TBC $350.00
Sony UVW 1800 Betacam SP Player/Recorder w/TBC UVW 1800 includes DSRM-10 Remote Control Unit $300.00
Sony PVV-3 Dockable Camcorder Player/Recorder $300.00
Sony VA-500 Playback Adapter for Betacam Camcorders $30.00

Mini DVCAM Player/Recorders

Sony DSR-V10 Clamshell Portable MINI DV Recorder w/built in 5.5” LCD monitor, ac power, two 7 hour batteries & charger. 2.5lbs w/tape & battery $150.00
Sony DSR-45 DVCAM / MINI DV Player / Record Deck w/ built in Monitor $200.00
Sony DSR-70 DVCAM Field Recorder / Player AC Power Supply, Built in Monitor & Porta Brace Case. Supports DC Power via 4 Pin $200.00

DVD Recorders

Sony RDR-GX7 DVDR DV in, RCA Composite/S Vid Inx3, Outx2, RGBx1 input $75.00
Panasonic DMR-ES20 DVDR DV in, RCA Composite/S Vid Inx2, Outx1, RGBx1 $75.00

SVHS & VHS Players / Recorders

Sony VO 9800 _” Player/Recorders w/TBC $250.00
JVC BRS-622 S-VHS Recorder / Player w TBC $75.00
JVC BR-S605U Hi Fi SVHS/VHS HQ Recorder/Player $75.00
Sony SVO-2000 S-VHS Recorder Player $50.00


Sound Kit

ENG/EFP Sound Package 1 Shure FP 33 w/Porta Brace Case & Umbilical 2 Lectrosonics VHF Wireless Lav Mic System 1 Senneheiser Shotgun Microphone w/ Boom & Windscreen 1 Headphones One 15ft and one 25ft Audio Cable $100.00

Upgrade To

2 Lectrosonics 401 Series trans/receiver/lav mic $100.00
PSC Alpha 4 ENG/EFP Field Mixer 4 Inputs, 3 Stereo Outs $50.00

Mixers & Recorders

PSC ALPHA 4 ENG/EFP Field Mixer 4 Inputs, 3 Stereo Outs, AC Power or Internal NP-1 battery power, w/ porta brace $75.00
Sound Devices 664T High Resolution Digital Recorder w/ Timecode 6 Inputs, Records wav or mp3 to CF & SD Cards, 3 Stereo Outs $150.00
Dcode TS-C Smart Slate by Denecke Compact slate capable of reading, generating and displaying SMPTE/EBU time code. $50.00
Shure FP-33 & 32A ENG/EFP Field Mixer 3 Inputs, Stereo Outs, 12v/48v/12vT phantom, operates 8 hrs on two 9 volts, interfaces w/multiple units $50.00
Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro 6 balanced/unbalanced mono line inputs, 4 balanced/unbalanced stereo line inputs, 2 aux sends, 3 band EQ, 48V Phantom power, XLR & _” Inputs, XLR Main Outs $40.00
Mackie 1202 – Micro Series $50.00
* Field Mixers include Porta Brace Case & Umbillical w/Quick Connect Pig Tail

Condenser Microphones

Shotgun Microphones

Sennheiser 816T Long Shotgun Mic/Windjammer $50.00
Sennheiser MKH-60 12v Shotgun Mic/Windjammer $40.00
Sennheiser 416P 48v Short Shotgun Mic/Windjammer $40.00
Audio Technica AT4073a Short Shotgun Mic/Windjammer $30.00
Boompole w/ any Shotgun Mic $10.00
*Above Mics require Phantom Power Supply. If your mixer doesn’t provide it use our Universal Power Supply $15.00

Lavalier Microphones

Sony ECM-77B Black Mini Omni Mic. Requires 1 AA battery $15.00
Dual mount mic clip for redundant micing $5.00
PSC Milli-Mic Black w/Alligator, Vampire & Turtle Clip $15.00
Lectrosonics M140 Unidirectional Lav for Wireless $15.00

Dynamic Microphones

Hand Held Microphones

Electro-Voice RE-50 Omni-mic. Specify Black or Silver $15.00
Electro-Voice EV-635A Omni-mic w/Windscreen. Silver $10.00
Electro-Voice ND-767A Super Cardioid Vocal Mic. Black $10.00
Electro-Voice RE-20. Silver Dynamic Cardioid, Selectable Impedance, Studio/Vocal Mic $25.00
Electro-Voice 309A Shock Mount for RE-20. Black $10.00
Shure SM 58A (vocals) and SM 57A (vocals/instruments) $10.00

Wireless Microphones

Lectrosonics 401 Diversity transmitter/receiver/lav mic $85.00
Lectrosonics 195D Diversity trans/receiver/lav mic $75.00
Hand Held Transmitter for above $40.00
Sennheiser EW-100 Wireless Microphone System Bodypack Transmitter, Plug-in Transmitter, and ME 2 Clip-on Microphone $50.00
Lectrosonics DR175 Diversity trans/receiver/lav mic $75.00
Extra DR175 units w/rack mount 4 pack multi-coupler AC/RF distribution $75.00 each
Lectrosonics UHF/195 transmitter/receiver/lav mic $65.00
Hand Held Transmitter for above $35.00
Lectrosonics VHF/185 transmitter/receiver/lav mic $50.00
Sony UWP Series Diversity Lav/Hand mic combo $50.00

Audio Accessories

Audio Cabling .15/foot
Telephone Cabling .15/foot
Fostex Powered Speakers ¼” & XLR Inputs $15.00
Sony MDR-7505 Stereo Headphones $10.00
Sony MDR-V250 Stereo Headphones $10.00
Audio Distribution Amp 1×5 w/XLR connectors AC or DC9V $20.00
Boom Pole VDB 2’x 8’ $15.00
Boom Pole K-Tek length 3’x12’ weight 19.4 oz $15.00
Boom Pole Long Timer 4.5’x12’ aluminum $10.00
Wind Jammers Rycote Long Hair $5.00
Rolls RA53 Headphone Distribution Amp AC or DC12V $5.00
PSC Universal Phantom Power or T Power Supply $15.00
Vocal Mic Stands Adjustable Height $10.00
K&M Tripod Hand Mic. Stand $5.00
Round Base Hand Mic. Stand $5.00

Production Communication

Clear-Com CS-222 Portable Two-Channel Main Station Supports up to 30 headset/beltpacks. Mic or line level audio program input assignable to either or both channels, with interrupt switch to override program. Linking switch provides one-channel operation for rehearsals. $40.00
Clear-Com RS-501 One Channel Belt Packs $15.00
Single or Double Muff Headsets w/noise canceling mics $10.00
Gentner Box Microtel $15.00
IFB Pack & Audio Clarifier Talent Earpiece Kits $15.00
Speaker Phone Kit w/25ft phone cabling $10.00
Lectrosonics or Comtek Wireless IFB transmitter/receiver/earpiece $35.00
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