New Socanland LED Panels



We now have one of the latest versions of the Socanland LED panel lights and are enjoying all the features it gives. The NOVA-CTD Bi-Color 100W 12"x12" light panel is rugged and light, plus with both Anton Bauer Gold Mount mobile power and DC 14.8v (w/ attachable gold mount holder) this light is versatile and useful for many applications over long periods of time.


It also features 2 on-board dimmers: one for dialing in the color temperature and the other for dimming purposes, both with a digital read out display so you can match settings in a snap. With the detachable barndoors and a diffusion slot, you can alter your light's throw quick and smooth without dealing with any fall-off discrepancies that other brands offer.


We're excited to see the many ways in which this light will become a useful tool to help us create a great looking picture!

Freelance Camera Crews Albuquerque

Freelance Camera Crews Albuquerque