Testimonial 3

Production Outfitters' hard-working crew always get the job done right, and in budget. We've worked with them for years. They know the technology, and embrace it fully – staying up-to-date and ahead of the game. I've worked with them on commercial and industrial jobs for many years. They are indeed the best! 

– by Wayne Scheiner

Testimonial 2

I'm and independent producer with 30 years in the industry – over the past fifteen years I've worked with Production Outfitters on dozens of jobs large and small – from industrial videos, to news clips, to EPK's on little shows like 'Breaking Bad', 'The Night Shift' and 'Better Call Saul'. There's a reason why Sony ALWAYS asks them back. They supply great crews, new equipment, and tireless service. They always answer the call !! And their reach is beyond New Mexico – when faced with demands for specific cameras on a demanding job for Sony and AMC, Gary reached out to his connections in Denver and LA to fulfill the request. They get the job done.

– by Charlie O

Testimonial 1

When we embarked on shooting several skills videos for the first time, we knew what we wanted but had no idea how to go about doing this. Luckily we came across Production Outfitters. They handled the filming of our videos, as well as recording voiceovers, filming green screen work, and editing. They were knowledgeable, skillful, helpful, friendly, and communicative. They were patient with us. They thought of so many good ideas during the process, and we received a superior finished product due to their work. Our videos look great! Shout-out to Zach who was unfailingly helpful and good-natured during the tedious process of audio recording and editing.

– by Susan H

Freelance Camera Crews Albuquerque

Freelance Camera Crews Albuquerque